22nd October 2008

This week a new phrase has entered the French vocabulary - la semaine bleue. What is it? It seems that it's a new French initiative to celebrate the burgeoning numbers of retired and senior citizens. I'm not sure about the 'blue' part though; reminds me of all those blue rinses back home. But, on the whole, I'm all in favour of recognising this sizeable part of the population. In our village, the local seniors' club, V.A.L. Joyeux, decided to celebrate this annual weekly event, naming its 2008 theme Jeunes et vieux, connectez vous. Good idea, but in practice the only youngsters connecting with the old at yesterday's celebration were the waiters! It was a jolly meal though. I always enjoy these kind of events, with lots of small courses so that if you don't care for one of them, you just wait awhile, and sure enough another comes along - just like the buses back home really. The wine was readily replenished all afternoon, literally keeping him indoors' spirits up. And, la creme de la creme is always the entertainment. There was one singer, in particular. She wasn't much to look at - tiny, rotund, with grey hair - but her voice! It was Edith Piaf all over again. Merveillaise. It made me wonder what would've happened if she'd walked onto the X-Factor stage in London. Would they have dismissed her out of hand merely by how she looked? That's really why I like writing: because most people don't get to see what you look like, talent might just out in the end. Chance for me yet then.

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