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I struggle to understand, in this new dystopia we live in, why all the adverts - without exception - show everything we can’t do. People are mingling and socialising; we’re urged to buy frivolous, non-essential goods; there are numerous, expensive, adverts showing celebs enjoying luxurious cruises; and there are even ads giving the delights of Andrex loo paper! I could go on.  All these advertisers must have spent a fortune on these TV ads and all are a complete waste of time. Will they get their moneyback, I wonder? Doubt it.  And why aren’t the commercial stations themselves stopping these  at the present time?  Surely they should be banned, for fear the ignorant amongst us actually do/buy the pleasures shown in front of us? 
What a surreal time we’re living in. In the old BC* days, reality was what we did all day. When we switched on the TV, we were transported to an imaginary world. And now? Exact opposite. Can I have my old life back soon please?

*BC = before Corona
Sitting in self isolation at the moment, wondering what to do? 
We all have different stories to tell about the effects of the virus. When our second child moved to the US last year, we consoled ourselves that we could visit them both every summer. However, the virus has put paid to that and Virgin Atlantic won’t refund our money. But we can change the date to the winter. Yeah, the snowy season in Maine at our age. You can forget snow boarding, snow shoeing, snowmobiling etc.  
Oh well. At least my US family memoir is FREE today and tomorrow, so you can read more about how America has affected the whole family over the years, right from the 1929 Wall Street crash era up ‘til today.
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14th March 2020 and it looks like the world’s heading for lockdown. Who’d have thought it? So far, the year 2020’s been written by Stephen King - and you know what that means. A gristly end. Apocalypse now. Of course, there have been many serious issues in the past, including world wars, but how ever bad they were, we understood what was happening back then. Mad men being murderously stupid yet again. As a writer, I understood enough about WWII to write about the build up and its effects in Germany, France and Poland (click image icons on the right).
But COVID-19 is a very different threat. A virus, an invisible death machine targeting the old and the frail. I can just about remember the notorious Asian flu in the ‘50s but in those days few people travelled regularly around the world, so virus clusters tended to stay put in certain areas. Those who got it and recovered, built up valuable immunity in their own communities. But COVID-19 is new, so not only has there been no time to boost our own individual white blood corpuscles, we’ve all been busy jetting around the globe during the unknown incubation period and merrily spreading the early germs via plane, tube and cruise ship air con facilities!
Whatever happens in the future, let’s hope someone other than Stephen King writes the epilogue...

Italy’s on everyone’s mind. The clock’s ticking. Got your copy yet?
  • Callum Manning at 13 has been mercilessly taunted on Instagram by pupils for his online book reviews. However I was pleased to see that, after his sister tweeted about the incident, fellow authors have written many messages of support for him. Before the astronomical success of the Harry Potter books, reading by young people had slumped. But in the years after, reading of books like that has risen again.  When I started writing The Violinist’s Apprentice, I wanted to follow in JKR’s success in writing an exciting series that the whole family would want to read. So, the stats below, taken today from the US Amazon site for The Violinist’s Apprentice, may be just a small step on the road but encouraging nonetheless.  What ever your age, have you read my novel yet? Just click on the cover icon. Thank you!

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