4th August 2013

.....o.k. so what did the doctor say?  What they always say:  check your weight.  But, why are the numbers on the bathroom scales so small?  The taller and more myopic you are, the less likely you can see those all-important numbers.  And, I'm not going to increase my weight by putting my glasses on am I?  So, happy ignorance prevails.  Oh well.
Next thing was to get my hearing checked, so I marched along to rue Joseph Rigal in Gaillac. It's a gallic Harley Street - all the medics are housed there.  The ENT technician bizarrely started sneezing the minute I walked in and never stopped.  So, I'm sitting in one of those sound-proof booths with posh ear-phones on.  'Repetez-vous, maison achoo,' she said.  'Maison achoo', I repeated.  'Non, non - achoo!'  This was ridiculous. How would she know whether I had heard or simply not understood the French? Next, she gave me a button to press when I heard a sound, but how to indicate whether the noise was very slight, which it was, or loud? Eventually the score. I have some hearing loss in each ear. But, I certainly heard very well indeed when she said a hearing aid would cost a minimum of 1000 euros each ear.  I'll carry on as I am, thank you....I hear what you say.