31 May 2015

On Thursday we went to a Franco-Britannique quiz held at the beautiful Chateau de LasTours in nearby Lisle sur Tarn.  As a writer I always like to bring different cultures together (see  http://ailsaabraham.com/2015/05/26/incoming-swan to read a recent interview about my writing), so what could be better than a light-hearted evening where the French and English pit their wits on each other's geography, history, culture and, of course, gastronomy!  And, whilst we were wracking our brains, we enjoyed the wonderful wines - grown in the Chateau's own vineyards alongside, and live singing from Martin St. Martin, who includes Sinatra, Elvis, Ray Charles etc. in his repertoire. My favourite charity has always been cancer research, and I'm delighted to report that the club Entente Cordiale, who organised the quiz, raised over 400 euros on the night. The following day, Friday, was la Fete des Voisins.  How better to get to know one another than to enjoy each other's company and raise funds for charity at the same time. Long may it continue.

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