17 May 2015

As a child I was always an avid reader. I still remember surprising the teacher by reading and spelling the word 'pneumonia' at the age of 6. However, for all things practical I was, and still am, rubbish! Now I'm retired and have a book publisher, thought I'd get a Kindle. For someone with my eclectic reading tastes, I'm contemplating buying the historical genre in paperback form, to assist with future research, and the rest on Kindle. This would certainly free up the diminishing space on my bookshelves.  However, as per usual with my rubbish practical skills, I've encountered difficulties. It seems that with a French address you can't buy a Kindle from a UK store, and Amazon tell me the only English downloads available on a French kindle are via the limited selection from their .fr or .cn (China) stores!  (Apparently I'd have no difficulty if I lived in Gibraltar...why?)  Clearly, the imminent arrival of the younger, techno, generation to the Olga household should help to kindle a flame and throw a light on how to circumvent the system. Why are practical things so difficult? All I ever wanted to do was read.

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