10th May 2015

A week of victories.  First, personal: Sunday I signed a book contract. 'Third Degree Murder' by Olga Swan will be out later this year (crookedcatpublishing.com). Second: Thursday, I believe the best man for the job was elected in Britain. Third, Friday was the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. Forget the 'luxury' of domestic policies for a moment. Every democracy needs an educated, balanced leader who is a safe pair of hands. National security and negotiating skills with other nations are vital.  To do that you need someone who is supremely capable, has stature, and in whom you can trust to represent your nation correctly. Watching the VE day celebrations last night I realised just how important our tactful liaisons with other nations are. Nothing is as important as avoiding war with other nations, but with honour (unlike Petain in 1940 in France). Churchill knew that. Cameron knows that.  So, Mr. Cameron, before discussing domestic policies, make sure we are free from war.  Do not cut yourself off from the rest of Europe. Remember:  it's been 70 years without war in Europe.  Peace in our time.  Don't ruin it by retreating back into the trenches of isolationism or you'll have 'third degree murder' on your hands!

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