24th March 2013

...and so the EU crises continue.  At least they're financial troubles and not, as in the previous century, one country killing ordinary people in another. But, not only can the British expats in Cyprus not access their life-long savings because the cash-machines and banks are shut, the retirement houses they bought are apparently not theirs despite the fact they paid in full for them because they never received their house deeds from the badly-mismanaged system, and now they hear from the British government no less that their British pensions - normally transferred directly to their Cyprus bank account - are being held back to avoid being sucked into the morass!  Sod's law all round.
Talking about the sod, to take my mind off all this worry, we decided to do some gardening. I've discovered a miracle cure for that dratted grass that keeps growing through the shingle on our drive. No point buying those dreadful weed killers. You know the ones, where the white foamy stuff keeps getting bunged up behind that tiny eye hole! No, after you've boiled those potatoes for your dinner, pour the hot water over it - no, not your dinner, the driveway!  Yes, it actually works. Something to do with the combination of hot water and starchy residues.  And, it won't poison your pets either.
So, sitting on our increasingly lumpy mattress(!), Him indoors says we shouldn't look for lawn....

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SueC said...

I shall try that!