10th March 2013

Mothers' Day in Britain.  41 years since my own mother, Thora, passed away. I remember it like  yesterday.  It was February 1972, and Thora had been struggling with both the new decimal coin system and the new cash machines.  Thora's philosophy? With something new, continue in the old way and don't tell anyone you don't actually understand it.
I wonder what Thora would make of my life here in France? Elements of her 1971 philosophy now. First, there's the new Android tablet. Still can't get it to 'talk' to our Orange livebox.  Worked in the US - so it's not the machine itself that's the problem.  But my invaluable, nay essential laptop works perfectly with Orange. I know what'd happen if I changed the livebox, the laptop wouldn't work!  Then, there's the constantly changing euro:pound exchange rate. Used to be 1GBP:1.50 euros, but now 1GBP:1.14. Disaster. All our pension income comes from Britain, so if the pound collapsed we'd get more money. But, if that were to happen, there'd be the danger my occupational pension company would also collapse. What does Him indoors say?  He says he'd put a sign above his old shop: 'This is a not-for-profit organisation'. Trouble is it wasn't meant to be!!  Thora always loved his sense of humour.  Happy Mother's Day to everyone's mother, wherever they are.

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