5th August 2012

So, team GB's habitual 4th has now moved up to 1st  Cycling, rowing, long-jump, heptathlon, 10000 m....don't know whether I can cope with all this success. Much more comfortable with losing, unlike the Americans whose dreams of winning are built into their DNA - chests puffed out, muscles bulging, eyes glaring - and that's just the women. In the opening events even the visiting French president, Hollande, gloried in team France's then-superior medal position, sarcastically thanking Cameron for laying out the red carpet for his athletes. Hollande even seems to have introduced new French words to the Olympics like Repechage and Domestique, but don't even think of introducing any more English words to the sacred francais! And what's with all these 'new' English verbs like 'to medal'?
All this excitement too much for me, but Him indoors is literally having a field day. From the opening Korean flag gaffe (don't make a Korea out of it), to the 'oarsome' display of the GB rowers, when will it all end? And, I'm sure his sideburns looked longer when 'Wiggo indoors' cycled to the boulangerie this morning!

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