12th August 2012

Him indoors isn't happy - no more alcohol!
It'd been building up for months and couldn't be denied.  The dreaded visit to the doctor's.  Tests at the Clinique Claude Bernard in Albi were prescribed.  In England it's normal to have to wait months, even years, for a visit to a medical specialist, but in France just 5 days, then 7 days for admittance to the clinic. What an amazing experience it all was.  No stupid starched caps, tight blue dresses or black fishnet stockings - and that was just the nurses.  Everyone at the Albi clinic - from the doctors, to the nurses, down to the cleaning staff - all wore loose cotton tunics, loose cotton trousers and soft shoes.  Everywhere was so clean, calm and friendly. The room where he stayed the night was like a hotel - complete with wardrobes and en-suite bathroom.  And, after his treatment the following morning, within 30 mins he was given a glossy brochure with a typed report, colour photos of his insides(!), plus a lengthy diagnosis.  And you know what?  Because we had top-up insurance, it hasn't cost us a penny.
Had to smile in recollection. When the nurse was struggling to fix a catheter in his arm and he kept wriggling, she said 'Do you want some Scotch (French for sellotape)?'

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