26th August 2012

Would you believe it?  Just when I've got everything sorted regarding English radio and TV here in France, sod's law has stepped in.  Word has it they're launching a new Astra 2F satellite in September which will affect reception of BBC, ITV and Channel 4 programmes in Europe.  Of course I know that the BBC isn't happy that people living abroad aren't paying their licence fee, but even so it's a bit mean to deliberately narrow the beam so it can't reach mainland Europe.  I know that Sky's broadcasting licence covers only the UK but the BBC and some other channels have always been available in unencrypted format by satellite so essentially available to all.  My recommendation?  Fix an enormous new satellite dish on the roof - one that will pick up channels from Mars if necessary.
Isn't it about time the EU gets its house in order and irons out national inconsistencies?  We pay French taxes (yes, even on our UK pensions) and French TV tax so what's the problem BBC?  Just liaise with M. Hollande and sort something out. Him indoors is enraged. He says he pays Scottish TV tax and so demands British TV. Scottish? You know, you pay up front and only claim it back if you haven't got a TV. It's called inertia (in Ayrshire!) selling.

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