8 April 2012

Did you read about that man from Maine-et-Loire who was published globally, relieving himself in his own backyard? Him Indoors says: fancy making a fuss about a little thing like that......
But, seriously, what's happened to our privacy?Yes, the internet and IT technology have brought huge benefits and ease of living, but at what cost? Every time I use my debit card, it gives literally carte-blanche for every bank clerk (and subsequent advertising agencies) to know private details of my life. They know where I shop, what I buy, where, when and how I go on holiday, when I'm ill, which prescriptions I use, which doctors I visit and for which illnesses!  When did I give permission for them to know all that?  I suspect it's the same at doctors' surgeries and hospitals everywhere:  when you give your name at reception, I dare say the receptionist calls up all your medical records. Does this mean that even if you present with a sore toe, all your gynae(!) details are on view for all to see??  And, don't even mention airport x-ray machines.
Back in the old days, we used cash or cheques, and your private details were kept in the manager's office under lock and key.  I'm sure that bank records of cheques had only the date and number listed.  And, of course, cash was much much better.  Then, you could spend with absolutely no record anywhere.  Certainly nothing published globally on Google!  When will this unwarranted intrusion into our private and personal lives stop?  I agree with that Frenchman. Orwell must be turning in his grave.

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