15 April 2012

Must be dreaming....a thin, reedy whistle's emanating from downstairs. Is it a bird, a plane?  No, it's Him indoors staring at his new baby yet again.  His life-long dream's finally arrived and he can't believe it.  But, we had a few scary moments.  No, it wasn't trying to find the garage in Montauban. This time, we actually drove straight to it in our old Citroen C4 - you know, the one where Bruno had chewed the corner off the driver's seat and the inside roof material. But, relief  - the garage still paid us the promised 4000 euros. And the new Freelander? As you can see, it's in Galway Green - modern equivalent to the old British Racing Green.  And, it's got GPS!  Hurray. Now, surely, we won't get lost all the time?  Wrong.  Well, not exactly.  We managed to change the system from French to English, and en route home, sure enough there was the Queen's voice (with a hint of Brummie thrown in, just for us).  However, I found myself shouting at ER all the way - she sent us double the distance, via all the autoroutes.  Next problem - don't panic. It's so big - will it fit through our narrow entrance gates, and worse - is there enough roof clearance on the garage?  Yes, yes, yes. It just fits.
So, now there he still is, staring at his new baby. Sudden thought from a mere woman: where's the key-hole in the door handle?  Where's the ignition keyhole? Patiently, he explains 'you have to use the telecommande'. Sounds like Star Trek - beam me in Scottie.  But, but, what if the battery goes flat?? In the old days, if the engine didn't start you'd use the starting handle and could always camp out inside the car.  But, with this system.....
Why do I always have to worry about everything?

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