22nd April 2012

Election day. Many French won't vote in this crucial first-round as they're not bothered. I used to be like that, but life has taught me you can't just do nothing. Be alert! Things can change: slowly, slowly and before you know it, your life's changed alarmingly. After 7 years away from England, I already notice the change.  Years ago England, misguidedly, tried to be fair and polite to all newcomers from around the world. Result? The whole tenor of the country has now changed beyond recognition. I remember receiving council notices printed in as many as fifteen different languages - and English wasn't even at the top of the list! Why did the government allow that to happen?
However, maybe it's the fear of the far-right that'll be the reason why today 57-year old Mr. Hollande, the quiet, grey man of politics, is on course to succeed the late Mr. Mitterand as France's first Socialist President in 24 years. The French compare Sarkozy with Margaret Thatcher. Heaven forbid they should have as leader someone as strong and opinionated as that. And yet......socialism can lead to the situation we currently have in Britain, where weak politics of the past has created a situation where strong-willed people attempt to change fundamentally the culture and way of life of the whole country.
Him indoors, if faced with a voting slip:  'None of the above!' And who would I vote for in France?  That's easy....anyone but Marine Le Pen!

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SueC said...

So the French press is expressing concern that there might be a 25% abstension rate - some way to go to match Englands 35 -40% in the last three general elections !! xx