16th August 2008

During our son's recent visit to chez-nous, I had the usual problem of finding vegetarian products in Intermarche. The French don't really understand vegetarians and think that sort of thing is quite bizarre. I haven't found any veggy restaurants locally either but found a super one in Toulouse in the rue du Puits Vert, near to the place Capitole. It's called La faim des haricots - literally The hungry beans. On the day we visited, their set meal of the day was Indonesian curry with rice. Now, this isn't something that I would normally go for, but it was very tasty. The whole set-up is based on a buffet, and for him indoors this was ideal as he could go back again and again. What was nice was looking around and seeing all the different religions, creeds and colours all eating together, safe in the knowledge that there weren't any hidden ingredients that might offend their beliefs. It was interesting to try all the exotic looking vegetables, some cooked in mediterranean or middle eastern style, followed by some of my favourite puddings! Yes, I know.... Some time ago, when both our veggy children were visiting, our neighbours Maurice and Monique invited us around for an aperitif. When our daughter explained that to be vegetarian meant not eating 'anything with a face' Maurice looked incredulous. He just couldn't contemplate such a step. 'C'est un catastrophe!' he expounded.
P.S. Tomorrow's the day - what you've all beeing waiting for........

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Piperade said...

Think you just fell victim to the French love of puns.. La faim des haricots!
There's another expression - c'est la fin des haricots - which means it's the end of everything..