15th August 2008

Just discovered that today is a bank holiday in France. We keep getting caught out by this as they never seem to be advertised locally and the only way we find out is by pressing our noses against shut doors and windows of the shops, but by then it's too late. Apparently it's Assomption day today. So now we know. France is a curious country, merging some really up-to-date technological advances with traits from the middle-ages. One of the latter is to continually hang on to that dratted 2 hour lunch-time closing. The English, particularly holiday-makers, often don't leave for the shops until 11 a.m., only to find their arrival coincides with noon closing. Many's the time that him indoors has been racing around Brico to reach the queue before the cashier says Non, hurrying him out of the door. But the French can be quite canny too, siting their bars and restaurants next-door, so picking up custom from all those English folk with nothing to do but eat for the next two hours. If we're caught in Montauban at this time, we always head for the Alsacienne, a restaurant that specialises in wonderful desserts. My favourite is the long-yearned for knickerbocker glory which was my childhood treat from Lewis's back home, costing all of 2/6d! Piles of different flavours of ice-cream, topped with delicious raspberry topping, all ate with a long-handled spoon. Ah, such memories. I know - it shows my age and my waist-line. But who cares. I can always diet tomorrow. But going back to those dratted bank holidays....him indoors says he doesn't know why they call them 'bank' holidays as for them every day's a holiday. His bank manager was called Ron Seal because he always treated him with distain.
P.S. As well as this daily blog, a special feature coming soon.....world exclusive.....'Sex a la francaise'. First extract (from 'Pensioners in Paradis' - see link top right) in a few days' time. Don't miss it!

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