5th June 2016

Well, we've voted in the UK referendum, but not without problems.  Our old UK Council was as incompetent as ever because, despite my completing both our registrations with the Electoral Commission in time, only one of us received the papers - and it wasn't me.  Just like at the last election, I complained three times via email to our original local Council, who are responsible for sending out postal voting papers, but no reply.  Eventually I got through on the phone only to get a temporary worker, who had to transmit all my exasperated queries to someone else. At last, my papers arrived and I followed the instructions.....date of birth, signature, check both numbers match....I thought voting was supposed to be anonymous!  Even the posting of it was contentious here.  Some branches of France's La Poste do not recognise the 'Ne pas Refranchir' on the airmail return envelope. There are reports of French post offices throwing the precious envelopes in the bin through lack of postage!!  So, after all that, will our votes arrive? Who knows.  

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