12th June 2016

A week of clashes.  Yesterday England v Russia, both on and off the pitch, in Marseilles. Ongoing French strikes against proposed modernisation of a French employment law that, for decades, has allowed some to retire at 50, with job security for life with generous pensions. And in the UK, referendum brinkmanship and recent strikes continue to focus on bringing more money to the NHS.  The link here is 'modernisation'.  People mistrust it, clinging to the past they know. A few days ago we experienced yet again the French health system at its best. It's so obvious if only the NHS were brave enough: 1.  issue a photo id health card to all, based on entitlement; 2. a 70:30 payment system, the 30% topped up by government for the low paid/chronically sick; 3. card-readers in all G.P./clinics/hospitals/pharmacies which automatically read and process individuals' health cards and patient history; 4. after treatment, the patient automatically issued with an unsealed consultant report plus X-rays where applicable to be directed to the GP. No more clashes. Be brave France and the UK: embrace change and bring employment and health into the 21st century.

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