6th September 2015

A week in the life of Olga...
Wednesday. Afternoon tea (unusual in France) at Sylvie's beautiful old farmhouse in rural Rabastens. You know what rural means - GPS doesn't read 'past the third cow on the left'. So, usual scenic route, then stumbled upon it by default. Lovely afternoon though. Interesting tea cups with strainer that fits inside cup. Met some nice people.
Thursday: Kine appointment with local physio. Usual shenanigans: my trying to translate medical symptoms whilst Him indoors groans.
Friday. Invited for lunch in Loupiac by a highly educated French couple. Lovely food and a lively discussion about the French during WW2. Monsieur said he believed the French were now ready, at last, to read and write about Vichy.  All good news re the forthcoming publication of my historical novel Vichyssoise.
Saturday, Bruno with head on my knee, doleful Diana eyes:  time to go for a long walk.
......all makes work for the retired woman to do.

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