20 September 2015

Living in France, but within reach of English TV transmissions, it's interesting to compare their different news media.  For me, France24 - a French news channel broadcast in English - is far superior to the UK TV media. I don't want to watch biased reporting: something some news mogul thinks will provide 'prettier' pictures or pander more to the emotive, as the late Sir Robin Day used to say.  It's especially true in the current refugee crisis.  I want to hear the truth, and not only that:  how each country is going to deal with the thousands - which may become millions if Lebanon, Iraq and other ME countries get drawn in - coming into Europe every week and how to filter out potential terrorists. It's crucial in tiny countries like England which, unlike Germany, simply doesn't have the space/housing/infrastructure to take the numbers that the 'emotive' news pictures say they must.  Let's hope the EU gets its act together very soon to come up with a more workable solution, as I suggested below. People aren't commodities to be advertised globally one minute, then forgotten the next when something more 'emotive' happens in the world. Thank you France24 news for giving a much more balanced view.

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