8 June 2014

Son Jon is visiting this week and together we watched Britain's Got Talent last night. As usual, the one we all liked - a Sinatra-type group - didn't win. I've always liked the music of that era. There seems to be a great feeling of nostalgia at the moment, coupled with the Queen's visit to France this week. A true Francophile, HM speaks French well (albeit with an English accent). Had to smile when I learned that the usual Citroen C5 used to transport State guests to France had to be changed at the last minute for a higher-roofed Renault Vel Satis because the Citroen was too low for the Queen's hat!  Also heard that there were family ructions amongst the royals:  HM had asked for her favourite foie gras to be served, even though son Charles had previously banned it because of animal cruelty.  So even the highest families in the land have arguments! But certainly this 5th State visit had a big, big impact. Let's hope that this sense of friendship between nations, together with the coming World Cup, will give a loud message to the world:  forget old hostilities and work together with peace and harmony.....even Putin has shaken the hand of the new Ukrainian president so there's hope for us all yet.

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