15 June 2014

'Tis the season. Too hot, too many flies and England lost again. But we had a good time with our son, taking in the usual sights of Albi, Toulouse and St. Antonin.  I even managed to cook something different every night, even though he's vegetarian. Not much choice in restaurants: the French never understand. So, congrats again to Les Faim des Haricots in rue Puits Verts in Toulouse (just off Place Capitole).  Wonderful range, from the hot spinach quiches which I love, to the curry-style rice that the 'boys' liked. This time Jon took the Stansted to Rodez route. The ticket price of just 45 pounds return was just too cheap to resist, even though Ryannair takes every opportunity to charge extra for everything. I'm always good at taking the 'scenic route' when trying to find places first time, and this was no exception. Rodez was easy enough to find, but the airport? It was only at the 3rd attempt, hitting Rodez from the opposite(!) direction, that at last we hit the Ave de Decazeville and the tiny airport. For some reason it's well-signposted from this direction.. Probably cost us more in petrol than aviation fuel....oh well, old habits die hard.

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