23rd February 2014

You've heard of Da Vinci and that enigmatic smile?  Well now there's the Da Vinci robot.  It's the latest super technology in the world of men's medicine, able to remove prostates via key-hole surgery. Him indoors: 'What have I let myself in for?' These new techniques are world-famous, teaching doctors from all over the world. But would Him indoors have the courage to undergo the treatment?  The important thing is for all men to follow these steps:  1. take a simple blood test; 2. If the PSA reading is high (more than 4), wait a month then re-do it. 3. If the PSA has risen further, schedule a biopsy. 4. If the biopsy shows cancer cells, schedule an MRI and a bone scan to confirm that no cancer cells have leaked. 5. If the patient is under 70, in reasonable health, and the above 4 points apply, book key-hole surgery by robot in the most experienced centre you can find, i.e. the Tarn! Well, we already knew the French health system was the best in the world, so Him indoors - with his own enigmatic smile - underwent the whole procedure and is now back home again, improving daily. On leaving the hospital, a new patient asked 'what's the cure rate?'  Him indoors:  it's that Da Vinci man over there with the black hat and coat!!

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