9th December 2012

There's trouble brewing in the Loiret region. An infants' school in Montargis has attracted a storm of controversy because it foolishly axed a visit by Father Xmas because of pressure from Muslim families. The head teacher of the Grand-Clos school said she wanted to 'respect different beliefs' so told the children that Xmas would be different this year. However there have been threatening phone calls and emails denouncing the head teacher, many from people not even connected with the school.
I remember back in Birmingham, England, when the Council foolishly decided to call Xmas 'Winterval'. As a child I remember quite happily moving to a side room during school Assembly. I can even remember humming to the carols and hymns sung by the other children. The lesson I learned very early on is: if your beliefs differ from those of the country where you live, practise them quietly at home, never try to proselytise others, and embrace the local culture. It's up to those of different faith or culture to that of the country where they live to fit in, not the other way around.
So, as a 'foreign' expat:  peace and goodwill to you all, or as Him indoors puts it: Happy Crotzmech!

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