2nd December 2012

Why are French women so thin?  For decades now, countries like England and the US have assumed that the French must be eating less fat.  So, since the 1980s we stopped eating butter, cheese and fatty meats like duck and lamb.  Success?  No. English and US obesity levels have doubled since then, and we all seemed to be yo-yo dieters. Well now a leading UK diet doctor, Dr. John Masefield, says that to be healthy we should all eat French. Here's his list of what to eat:  Eggs, butter, full-fat milk, cheese, all meats including the fatty ones, all fish, all vegetables including potatoes (but not chips), all salads, wholemeal bread, grains and pulses, all fruit, one glass of red wine a day, water. Avoid:  sugar, confectionery, white bread, cakes, desserts, beer, soft drinks, processed foods.
Of course, we all live in a body that has its own unique way of metabolising food. If you've got a body that, despite what you eat, never puts on weight, then still follow the above diet for good health.  If yours is otherwise then you MUST do something about it. So, during the festive period eat that fatty roast duck, ditch the margarine, buy whole fat milk and cheese and from now on don't search for the cheapest food, only the best quality.  (For economy, cut down on those cheap nasty presents that will only get thrown away in the new year.). What you put in your body is the most important thing of all - it'll help you live longer.  Him indoors says all this is very hard to swallow.....  

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