14th October 2012

No smoke without fire.....
We've had some lovely warm days lately, so even I was tempted outside. When's the best time to light a fire? I asked Him indoors.  Always a difficult question, as the French law seems so unclear. Each departement has a different code.  Some say a garden fire is o.k. if it's at least 200m away from the nearest house, others say more than 50m, whilst some areas have no discernible law at all.  Some expats on bonfire night each year invite people around (including the Maire!), and light a huge bonfire. All year we regularly see fireworks exploding in neighbouring gardens - presumably for family celebrations.
.....so we both agreed - should be o.k. to light a fire; do it during the day so we can be sure to put it out before nighttime. Soon a plume of sweet, grey smoke was blowing lazily sideways right at the bottom of our very long garden - well away from any houses. I resumed my weeding until Him indoors shouted 'The police are at the gate!'  You're joking?  For once, he wasn't.  'We've had a call. You must put the fire out', they said.  'Who on earth called you?' They looked sheepish.What kind of person calls the police on a neighbour?  In my book you should never, ever make an enemy of your neighbour. They are often the nearest person to help in times of crisis. I'll never understand the French mindset.

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SueC said...

Oh dear
but on the bright side at least it wasn't Bruno!