9th September 2012

A week of blaring headlines.  The terrible massacre of the English family in the French Alps. The French police now have the world pointing an accusing finger - were they incompetent by not discovering that poor little girl early enough?  The police are so concerned in following the 'correct procedures' that they don't move in to a crime scene quickly enough. Various hostage scenarios in the past have shown the same pattern. Thank God firemen and doctors don't do the same!
The ECB 'hero of the hour', Mario Draghi, seems to have stemmed the tide of the dying euro - but for how long?  If only the working practices of each European country could be brought into line. Someone suggested the Greeks need to work 6 days a week. But, no good unless their fundamental working practices change.  They need to follow France's lead.  France certainly knows how to produce a really skilled workforce - much better than Britain or the rest of Europe.  But France itself needs to learn more about customer service and technology, like the US.
Him indoors is thoughtful. Tell them to bring in Hugh Jeffert (huge effort) to show the police how doctors deal with emergencies, and to teach Europe how to work efficiently. But, will they listen?

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