16th September 2012

A funny old week for modesty.  First, France's education minister Vincent Peillon has called for 'secular morality' classes to be introduced in schools, leading his predecessor to recall similar calls by disgraced Vichy leader Marechal Pétain. But, wait a minute, isn't this the country known for its laissez-faire regarding sex? Then, everyone's 'horreur' at the topless pictures of Kate taken in Provence - yes, France, a country famous for its topless beaches.
Well, now an on-line petition has been launched in a bid to get rid of those awful open-back hospital gowns. - those that show a patient's backside.  The petition was actually started, not by a patient but a doctor on his blog. It's apparently already reached 4,000 signatures and when it gets to 10,000 it'll be sent to French Health Minister Marisol Touraine.  Clearly, patrons all along the boulevard cafés argue 'aren't there more important health issues to discuss than that?', whilst others say 'mais non, c'est une probleme du respect'.
Him indoors, recalling his August sojourn in an Albi hospital, knows exactly what they mean about modesty. When handed a suppository, he asked 'I'm s'posed to put it WHERE?'

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