22nd July 2012

Our son, like most of the younger generation, understands modern media systems much more than we do.  After all, my family didn't get a TV until I was about 10 years old and it wasn't until I was at least 14 before we even had a telephone - fixed line of course.  (You remember the type:  heavy black base with stiff dial and brown rope cord). It sat in the corner waiting to ring with bad news. Never did it occur to my (depressive) family to use it for bright, chatty reasons. There it stood to be used only for dire reasons.
So, a few days ago I told our son what I missed most from England was BBC radio - especially Radio 4.  It would go some way to combat my depressive leanings. Of course we already receive English TV via satellite, and I know that I can receive English radio via the internet or if I want to keep our large TV on all day.  But, what I really wanted was a simple, cheap radio that I can leave on all day without worrying something might burn out!  Result:  said son went out to LeClerc and bought 2 speakers (one with an off/off switch and volume contol) + cable, then expertly wired it to the satellite box.  Et voila!  It all works brilliantly, the radio stations being programmed via our TV handset. Apparently we're lucky we live on the Western side of France - it may not be possible further East.
Tomorrow's media headlines:  BBC radio combats depression - that's until you hear the global news that is.

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SueC said...

that's just what I want _ I'll tell Martin next time he's here that it can be done!!!!