1st July 2012

July. Hot and sultry here.  Sometimes all you can do is close the shutters, switch on the air-con and watch TV. And for sport lovers, what a spectacle.  Yesterday at Wimbledon - at last a worthy British player in Murray. And today's the Euro football final between Spain and Italy.  Looks like it was their week too in politics. Not only did they get together to scupper Angela Merkel by threatening to block everything unless she agreed to do something re all that financial pain, but it actually worked without a drop of blood being spilt.  Ah, what would Churchill have said?  To jaw jaw is always better than to war war.  Yes, yes, yes! No more ridiculous bloody wars like the 100 year war between England and France.
So, as Cameron deliberates whether to agree to a UK referendum on the EU, he should think long and hard.  Joe Bloggs on the red double-decker will undoubtedly vote to come out of the EU. But, the common man doesn't always see the wider picture.  Whether it's tennis, football or summits between european nations, all that democratic aggression joined together peacefully in contained settings is far better for settling differences.   Ultimately that's the test. Why else has Europe been without war for so long?

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