4 June 2012

Queen Elizabeth II. Jubilee Time.  Everywhere I go, the French mention the Queen.  Do they regret axing their own monarchy at the infamous Bastille?
I'm old enough to remember the Queen's ascension to the throne - just!  All schoolchildren in the UK were given a silver spoon and commemorative mug imprinted with the Queen's face and the date.  Wish I still had them now, but I don't think they would be worth anything as so many were produced.  Many streets had their own party, with a long wooden trestle table down the middle of the road.  Jellies galore.  But, for me, it all brought back memories of how free children were back in the 1950s.  In the summer holidays I remember being sent out to play with the rejoinder:  come back at 6.00 for your tea.  I don't believe there was any less crime:  because it wasn't much reported (no TV or media saturation), no-one knew about it, therefore didn't worry.  Today in the UK, I think people like having a stabilising, continuing monarchy. It's a comforting, familiar thing against the uncertainties of the future.
And M. Hollande for the French?  People would prefer if he married his partner!  What on earth is he going to say when he makes a state visit to countries like Saudi Arabia, where it's a crime to have sex outside marriage? Also, how credible will he be to the Pope?
On verra.

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