10 June 2012

It's now a year since we moved to Gaillac, and our son is visiting.  A good time.  We decided to take him to the Toulouse-Lautrec museum in nearby Albi - the capital of our region.  The museum is very grand, housed in the stately Berbie Palace, but beware:  the prices are as steep as the steps leading to it!  There was a 'family ticket' for two adults and a child 'over 13'.  Him indoors says that certainly fitted us, but somehow the cashier didn't agree. Perhaps if our married son had been wearing short trousers?  Anyway, onwards and upwards we trekked, from one dark room to another.  I liked the impressionists the best. There's something about all that riot of colour and faces and action that really appeals. Very stimulating.
Lautrec lived in Albi, where he was born in the late 19th century, his family being descendents from a long line of Counts of Toulouse. The man himself was a bit of an exhibitionist - a bit like Him indoors really, who enjoyed the whole exhibition enormously. Well, he would, wouldn't he, with all those nude paintings and statues. But the security guard kept telling him to move along - they were stock-taking!

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SueC said...

have a good time for the rest of John's stay