18th March 2012

I don't like flying, but as Him indoors says, it's better than the alternative. So, it was with trepidation that we recently took Alitalia flights that required a change-over in Rome.  Well, we certainly survived, but consistent they weren't. Although both connecting flights used the same airline, one airport accepted liquids in hand-luggage, the other didn't. Alitalia at one end allowed our hand-luggage on board, the other didn't. One airport waved me through security, the other connecting airport gave me a full, thorough body-search!  Yes, I know: just like Diana Ross.  I understand the need for security, but..
What of other airlines? EasyJet appeared in a Paris court yesterday accused of discrimination against a disabled passenger. A 39-year-old woman in a wheelchair was forced to leave a Paris-Nice plane because she was unaccompanied - despite having made the outward journey without a problem. Several passengers volunteered to 'accompany' the woman, but EasyJet said the accompanying person must be recorded before check-in.  I can see that a wheelchair might be a problem in an unforeseen evacuation of the plane, but it's the inconsistency that appears to be the problem.
Him indoors says it was St. Patrick's Day yesterday. So? Well, we should have used O'Flaherty's Travel - O'Flaherty gets you nowhere.....

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