11th March 2012

We're back!  I'm seeing our French home with different eyes.  Come, follow me in. First, notice our new front door with its secure 5-point locking system. (The last owner must've been more paranoid than me - 4 separate locking bolts.  Him indoors always tells everyone that my blood group must be B-negative!). Anyway, into the hall and a workman is still hammering away at our new kitchen. I can't wait. White stone, irregular floor tiles, and special antique-looking kitchen units. He greets me with a cheery wave. Always cheerful. Must learn from him somehow.  Continue down the long hallway, and there's our new bathroom on the left. This had to be modern. Never did like those old Victorian hip baths plonked in the middle of the room. Hip they're not. Prefer plumbing that works! Anyway, hurray it's almost finished.  Thank God the fashion for avocado baths went out the window. We've dressed up a simple new white bath witih large dark blue floor and wall tiles, coupled with a streamlined white vanity unit. And yes, we've also got a bidet.  Well, c'est la France.  Now cross over, through the lounge, and out onto the balcony. Out of shot of the picture, amazingly we've got palm trees. Still alive after the most bitter winter I can remember over here.
I touch the warm mellow stones of our home and feel a sudden rush of gladness in my heart. Oh how far I've come from the austerity, inbuilt guilt and shame of growing up in 1950's England.

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