1st January 2012

New year. 1..1..1..2. Sounds like a three-legged soldier struggling.  A bit like me really. But it's a new beginning. I wonder how things will pan out. Will the UK finally leave the EU, causing chaos for us? We'd be real foreigners, needing residence permits, and to pay full cost health insurance. Will the euro collapse?  Now that would be dangerous. The British Embassy would need to step in to get us out of the country, as analysts say that in that scenario, ATMs would be closed (no access to French or English money), as well as all French airports.
But, enough of all this. Here's some good news.  The popular Livret A and LDD bank accounts plan to raise savings rates from the current 2.25% to 2.75% in February;  the current euro woes mean we get a good exchange rate on our UK pensions, currently 1.19 euros:1 pound;   a new 'no contact' bank card is imminent. We'll just need to wave these in the air, rather than insert them in a fiddly machine; and pharmacies will be reducing 'generique' medicine costs. Always ask for these rather than branded ones, as they're much cheaper.
Many years ago a young office colleague, half my age, taught me a lesson in life. No more could've, would've, should've:  just get on with it. So, that's my NY resolution for 1112
A happy and healthy New Year to you all.

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Anonymous said...

"No more could've, would've, should've"....! Yes you are right, let's get on with it!!! A happy New Year to you and him indoors!!!!
Love Gisella xx