15th January 2012

Him indoors has reached a certain age. A photo of the two of us taken 45 years ago:  yes, our faces look older now, but the rest of us? Despite the fact that he daily eats double portions, he can still fit into jackets from the 60's. (I know, should buy him a new one). But me?  Enough said.
I read that French schools are following the Jamie Oliver approach and limiting salt, sauces and chips from school meals. Good idea. We all inherit our bodies and as children we learn what it can do. Changes in facial features we notice straight away and much money is spent on cosmetic changes, even though no health issues are involved. What's difficult is recognising when our individual, internal body metabolisms gradually, insidiously change over the years. No point getting annoyed about how other people look. It's the health aspect that's important. If BMI gets beyond a certain medical safety point, do something about it. With me, that point has now arrived. Question: what's my particular eating problem - fat or sugar? Answer: fat  So, for one week so far I've cut out bread and butter. I realise that this isn't short-term, but for the rest of my life. But, the result's encouraging: I've lost 1 kg.
Of course, I'll still have to make a birthday cake for Him indoors, laced with sugar and alcohol.  He says you know when you're getting older - the candles cost more than the cake!
P.S. Thanks to all who've left messages, but I've yet to learn how to reply to you all.

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