4th December 2011

The clock's ticking. Eurogeddon looms. As we speak, British embassies are finalising contingency plans for expats. Back home English bloggers are barely disguising their schadenfreudish glee!  See, we told you we shouldn't join the EU in the first place.  I understand that when the USA was formed, Texas was the last 'man' standing. So, are all you Texans happy about being part of the large Union, or do you miss your original 'sovereignty'? Britain needs to know.
But, for now, what should we expats do?  1. Send some money back to the UK; 2. Keep some money in your home country to cover your daily expenses;  3.  Hide some large-denomination notes under the mattress;  4.  Hide some gold bars or jewellery (but not under the mattress - too lumpy).  That way, whatever happens, you've got options.
Trouble with France, though, is nothing comes easy. Many French banks won't let you transfer euros to a UK bank via your PC. Annoyingly, you have to go to the bank and fill in legions of forms - often in the public welcome area. All privacy/secrecy eroded. I'm sure that le Bourse traders don't have to do that! Him indoors recalls his name for the bank manager: Mr. Cuprinol - treats everyone with de-stain.

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