11th December 2011

Oh Mr. Cam'ron, what shall I do?
I wanted to leave old B'ham to go and join EU,
Take me back to London as quickly as you can
Oh Mr. Cam'ron, what a silly girl I am!
Last swan song for all us expats?  26 nations of Europe are not only forming a ‘fiscal union' , leaving Britain alone outside, but also will merrily sign away all sorts of treaties. No say for Britain, inevitable referendum.  And we all know what the result will be.  Out of the EU for good. 
Will this be the Domesday scenario: 
No longer able  to move and live freely in any EU state, regardless of income?
No longer able to vote locally or receive local health care cover?
No longer able to receive any local welfare benefits, or local state pensions for those who've worked in the EU?
Difficulties in withdrawing/accessing money in the EU state?  
Would life still be comfortable for we British expats just in the EEA instead?  Doubt it.  My paranoia's already setting in. Sure I'm getting strange looks from the Frenchman over the road. But there again, he thinks les anglais are all mad anyway.  War time thoughts are looming yet again.  Should David Cameron have been Neville Chamberlain waving his paper of appeasement?  And is our Nicolas Monsieur Daladier all over again, ready to appease Angela 'Hitler' in her grand plan?
Pack your bags ready.

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Vintagemaison said...

Maybe we should all apply for French citizenship asap?