7th February 2010

We've been invited to a family celebration 'back home' in the UK.
Now, how to get there? Looking at myself in the mirror (never a pretty sight), I decided not to subject all and sundry to a full-body scan by some nameless cretins at the airport, so it's the car and Eurotunnel then. But that brings its own problems. Wasn't sure whether we needed a 'Green card' for travelling with a French car to the UK. But, all Google brings up is English cars driving through France. Tried our bank, which oversees our car insurance, and they say I can drive 'en toute tranquillite'. That's all right then!!
Then, I looked at UK hotel chains. Times have changed. If I try to email them from France, they either don't answer or some central call-centre responds with the ubiquitous FAQs. Urghh. It's so condescending of people to assume they already know what you're going to ask. The reason you're emailing them is because your question is non-standard. Why can't you get a person to respond to emails personally these days? It's the same with phones. I remember when we left Birmingham in 05, if I tried to call New Street Station about a non-standard issue, I'd get someone in Bangladesh!
So, I'll continue struggling with arrangements. After all, I've got to keep Him indoors in the style to which he's always been accustomed.

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