21st February 2010

There's a phrase I hear all the time here from English ex-pats: Times may be harder, but we're so much happier here. Why is this?
When I think back, I was constantly chasing my tail in England. A never-ending cycle of debt owed to others. Paying the mortgage never went away, and every 3 years yet another credit contract for a car. Constant peer-pressure, struggling to keep up with the Joneses. And what does it all add up to? A lifetime of work, stress and tiredness.
So now we're old and looking back at it all. Like most UK ex-pats living in rural France, we're retired and living off a pension. Those of working age looking to move to France should think very carefully indeed. How will you support yourself? It's natural for the French to employ native French-speakers; the only way is to work for yourself on-line.
And Him indoors? Like Harold MacMillan, he's never had it so good. He laughs to think of all those bank managers of the past. 'We have an arrangement here, Mr....., you're supposed to put some money IN occasionally!' Mr. Cuprinol, he used to call them: he treated them with dis-stain!
TG that's all over with. We may be poorer but we don't owe anything to anybody: no mortgage, rent or credit cards. Now we can relax and enjoy la vie en rose. We've earned it!

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George said...

George says "had we known retirement would be so enjoyable, we would not have waited so many years to retire"