6th April 2014

They say never let the grass grow under your feet. Well, the Avignonois didn't in the end. They're all now dancing tous en rond, but us? No dancing in our garden. The grass isn't just under our feet, but up to our knees.  Any higher and the neighbours'd be round, and you know what they're like. Never mind that the delay was caused by illness. So, down to the shed at the bottom of the garden and turn the ignition on the old MTD...blue smoke. Head under the bonnet revealed a cracked fuel pipe and God knows what else. Verdict from local mower shop:  kaput/9 years old/it's had it!  But, but a new one would cost well over a thousand. What to do?  Buy a new one, but get yours truly to negotiate a way to pay it. Different economic arrangements are needed when you're retired. No longer is credit over many years an option any more and no-one wants to deplete steadily dwindling savings. The best deal I could arrange was four cheques - not to be cashed all together!  He agreed.  So now we have a brand new Jonsered tondeuse/tracteur, absolutely necessary for our acre garden. Like the Grand National  yesterday, all I have to do now is put Him indoors out to grass.

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