27th April 2014

It's now 9 years since we bought our first house in France.  Back then everything was in our favour. We'd just retired, and 1 British pound bought 1.50 Euros. But 9 years is a long time and, inexorably, things have changed. Since the Euro crisis 90,000 Britons have abandoned Spain, and thousands have also left France, most moving back to the UK. But, the property market is dead. Immobiliers report a 20% drop in property values throughout France, so what to do?  And, of course, why? Let's face it. It's a delusion to think you'll ever be fully-integrated in France. The French are very insular. They accept but never really welcome you into their hearts. And, as you get older, do you want to die here/end up in a French old people's home with rapidly-declining French ability? The answer for many is to put their French homes up for auction via the new Notaire system online. (Him indoors says he'd put the whole Government under the Hammer!). Anyway, sales are achieved in 2 months the seller accepting the best offer above the initial 75% of the full market value. For more info, go to www.immobilier.notaires.fr and click on the Immo-Interactif section. Bon chance!

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