20th April 2014

Back in the days of yore, money was always a preoccupation. So in these days of economic uncertainty we continued one English bank account. But now Barclaycard, in its wisdom, has decided to close accounts to those who do not have a UK address.  Is it mad?  If someone wanted to put money in my account, I certainly wouldn't put obstacles in the way!  But yes, it's true.  After objections, the MD of Barclaycard now says it will support overseas addresses on a temporary basis, but not if no activity has occurred in the last 6 months.  This will cause massive inconvenience to English expats who use their account for investment purposes only.  Some English banks who have international branches say we should move our money there, but don't tell you that if you do, you lose the major English government guarantee should the bank collapse.
So, with this in mind this week I filled in our online French tax form.  Him indoors, peering over my shoulder, noticed the section on dependants. He said I should put 50,000 illegal immigrants and numerous dole claimants. You can't put that. Why not?  Who have I missed out?

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