17 July 2016

France is in mourning. Over 80 innocent lives lost, over 200 injured. Tourists of all nationalities and locals simply out on Thursday night to enjoy the national day firework celebrations, something that was meant to remind the world of secular France's abiding Libert√©, Egalit√© et Fraternit√© for all. But now the Promenade des Anglais in Nice is a shrine to their dear memory. Philosopher John Stuart Mill once propounded the need for everyone to pursue their own happiness goals in life but (importantly) only if this does NOT cause suffering to others. There lies the rub.
To cheer everyone up, I turn to the comedy hour that has been UK politics this last week. Him indoors suggested new PM May, along with Chancellor Hammond, only needed Clarkson to bring her into top gear. He also wondered whether the PM’s staff realised what she meant when, against Boris Johnson's name, she wrote 'F. OFF.'......

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