22nd May 2016

What is it with the French for strikes?  Takes me right back to the '70s in the UK. This last week there've been scenes of anarchists, incandescent with stoked-up rage, attacking and burning a police car.  And why? Seven French unions are opposed to the elected government's reforms to work laws. Whatever you might think about workers' rights to strike, it's never seemed fair to me that those who work for a large organisation with strong unions have a greater chance to protest against comparatively trivial things than those who work for themselves or for small, private firms. There seems no legislation to curb megalomaniac union leaders who look only for power and glory for themselves. So, as per usual, we the general public will suffer French national strikes this Thursday and 14 June.  Also this week, there was that terrible, tragic plane crash where passengers who boarded at CDG airport in Paris were probably blown to pieces mid-air, whilst the plane was sent spinning down into a watery grave. Now that's what normal, rational people should be protesting about. It's called getting a perspective on life. The French need to grow up.

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