22 November 2015

Last Wednesday the British House of Lords voted 214-116 against Baroness Miller's amendment to grant the vote to all British citizens living in the EU. Stupid! Why? It reduces the eligible number of voters in the forthcoming EU referendum, the very people who would naturally vote to stay In! Crucially that vote will determine all our futures, both expats and those living in the UK. 
British expats: no longer EU citizens free to work, set up businesses, study, retire in EU countries nor benefit from subsidised health services across the EU. The Euro Health Insurance card 'EHIC' would cease to be available, so emergency health cover from Britain would cease. Private health cover would be mandatory but not available to those with pre-existing conditions!  
UK citizens: risk Britain's current buoyant economy plus future investment possibilities, widespread job losses, smaller ranking in the world, lose 28 EU friends, jeopardise the current 70 years of no war in Europe. Imagine a sudden terrorist attack with no friends. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
So, members of the House of Lords: do you realise the implications of what you did last Wednesday?

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George Nye said...

Olga, Your 22 November 2015 Blog. Question: Are you still an expat? Will you now have to change the heading on your blog?