25 October 2015

The other day I did something very stupid.....yes, even at my age, so here's the sorry saga. All my life there's been an irritating itch deep within both ears. A week ago I was watching TV when I absently used the end of my glasses' arm to scratch inside my right ear. The old, worn plastic sleeve suddenly cracked under the pressure and a piece of plastic was embedded in my ear!  Frantically I tried to pull it out but it was impossible as just a sharp, slippery tip was poking out. The doctor's surgery was closed, on answer phone, and the woman on the emergency 15 number who eventually answered from Timbuktu or somewhere asked me where my nearest hospital was! Then, aided by our very useful local phone directory, I tried a domiciliary nurse. He arrived but only succeeded in pushing the object deeper into my ear drum. Sleepless night, then next day the doctor attempted to syringe it out. No good. Following day I managed to get an appointment with the hearing clinic in rue Rigal here in Gaillac.  I'm pleased to report that, after waiting 2 hours in his waiting room, he pulled out the offending object simply with a form of pliers. Success. But what's this I read? France is soon to get rid of all phone directories!  My lifeline in times of crisis. Who to complain to?  I know I'll look in my phone directory.

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