2 August 2015

Were you, or a family member, a university student? Very different today to when I worked at a leading English red-brick university. Current degree subjects go from the sublime to the ridiculous and (unlike in France) student fees and maintenance are so high only the super-rich can afford them. But, other things stay the same. Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes?  The lecturers who hate the HOD's guts, the research students who could murder their supervisor, anxious support staff, or even the professors who, in the corridors of power, harbour dire and murderous feelings towards their V-C?  Soon you'll be able to find out.  Even Him indoors is interested. He's been asking everyone if they've got a 'Desmond' (2.2) or, like him, a 'Mother Therese' (None)!  Yes, Third Degree Murder, is imminent:  a cerebral tale of university intrigue, a conflation of foreign PhD students, admission procedures, English support staff, arrogant professors and a Vice-Chancellor holding a deadly secret.  But, you'll need to wait until October 23rd.  The University clock's ticking.

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SueC said...

love the art work Gill - good luck!