15th March 2015

How d'ya solve a problem like the EU...
Are we heading for a US-style 'civil war' between individual States? Sometimes conflict can start with trivial issues. Take the euro coin design. Each has a common side, the flip side designed by each State. This week France succeeding in preventing a Belgium €2 coin being produced to commemorate the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo - claiming it could cause "hostile reactions". Also a big re-enactment involving 5000 performers is planned in Waterloo in June, marking 200 years since the Duke of Wellington defeated Bonaparte. But France itself commemorated the Normandy landings against Nazi Germany!  It's the deeper issues that are the problem here. Each EU State has history: most of fighting the other States! Those wanting to commemorate such battles have not really committed their hearts and minds to the Union concept. The only way to avoid a General Lee v General Sherman conflict here, or even meet our waterloo is to stop commemorating past battles with fellow EU States and learn to live together today.
....otherwise the EU's just a will o'the wisp, a clown.

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