19 October 2014

There are fads with the way the general public thinks, largely driven by the media, but it can be dangerous.  Lately the English seem to be much taken with the blokish Nigel Farage. Everyone thinks how wonderful to have a politician who understands the common man.  Don't be fooled. Following a UK withdrawal from the EU, Steve Peers, Prof. in Law at the University of Essex, says:
a. The borders rules alone would apply, therefore more intrusive questions about the purpose of each UK citizen's visit, checks on the intention to return and level of income, potential for visa requirements on UK citizens.  b. You'd be part of the EU's entry-exit system, keeping a record of all movements of third-country nationals into/out of EU territory. You'd be subject to integration rules, e.g. need to speak the language of host country before getting visa status. c. Receipt and upgrading of British pensions would not be possible. d. Strict family reunion rules with waiting periods and integration language requirements. e. Intending migrants, as with current EU British residents, would be subject to quotas and preference rules on labour migration.  And much more. So,, for UK expats in France, be very careful whom you vote for in 2015......

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